Mission Vision Core Value


We develop technologies and intellectual property providing competitive advantages for a customers in short time to market.

We operate in global niche markets characterized by high entrance barriers.

We strengthen our business portfolio through organic and external growth and take advantage of growth opportunities.

We strive to attract and retain highly qualified and ambitious employees by offering a motivating working environment.

We work to preserve and strengthen the Group’s excellent reputation.


We are science & technology driven to maintain a best-in-class product and business portfolio providing unique advantages for our customers.

We contribute to a meaningful, sustainable and better world.

We strive to continually improve our product and business portfolio and expect that each strategic business segment makes a significant, sustainable contribution to the Group’s annual financial goals.

We aim to be a market leader everywhere we do business.

We consider innovation a key to our business success.

Core values:

Our core values substantiates the way we conduct our daily business

1) Self-initiative, persistence and responsibility

-We challenge ourselves to constantly draw our individual potential to contribute to our common success.

-We assign responsibility and agree on crystal clear goals.

2) Honesty, reliability and predictability

-We treat each other with fairness and respect.

-We are reliable and predictable, both in our own organization and with all other stakeholders.

3) Creativity, passion and enthusiasm for innovation

-With our innovative, customer-oriented products and solutions,

-We contribute substantially to our customers’ long-term value creation and competitiveness.

4) Conscientious treatment of employees

-We encourage and challenge each other to develop our professional and social skills permanently.

-Diversity is a key factor in our success.

5) Responsible handling of resources

-We strive for sustainable development and economic success,

-We manage financial and natural resources responsibly.