Who we are

BHN – world leading manufacturer of high-quality master alloys
BHN Special Materials Ltd. (BHN) is a world leader in designing, developing, and producing high-quality master alloys.
BHN is known to use its superior expertise of Aluminothermic Reduction at its ISO & EN certified facility to produce a full range of master alloys for Titanium, super alloy, special steel, and Aluminum industries.
BHN is a strategic partner of its customers in aviation and military industries by supplying them tailor-made master alloys which are well designed to simplify the customers’ manufacturing process.
BHN was jointly founded by Dalian Bolong Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Jilin Horoc Nonferrous Metals Group Co. Ltd. in 2008.
Dalian Bolong Holding Group Co., Ltd. is an industrial group focused on developing & producing advanced Vanadium chemicals, master alloys, and Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries. The subsidiaries of Dalian Bolong Holding Group are widely located in China, America, Germany, Australia, Korea, Middle East, etc.
With more than 10,000 employees worldwide, Jilin Horoc Nonferrous Metals Group Co. Ltd. is a large scale multi-national group leading nonferrous metal production & processing as well as new energy materials developing businesses.